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And more!  These are the UK and US editions.

A series of 10 for China...whew!  230 double page spreads plus covers!

The latest book. Is Charlie telling the truth?

Well done Dawn. Out soon


The lastest in what is proving to be a long line of bums!

It all started with this. The wonderful Dawn McMillan and I won a children's choice award at the New Zealand Book Awards in 2003


The Dinosaur Bus

An enjoyable project from CCPPG China

Can Charlie tell the truth? Another great story by Dawn


I'm in print! I'm in print!

Sir Singlet rides!  A lovely story by Dawn McMillan about a knight who would rather sew than fight.

Untitled Extract Pages.jpg

Remember to brush your teeth.

My first book for CCPPG China


A great first book by Amy Harrop . 

One to watch!

On the best sellers list in New Zealand for years. Everyone loves a bum story.


Yackety Zac is out and about

Another great book by the wonderful Chris Gurney

New Bum Italy.jpg

In Italian!


And now Brazil!                                                                     And Korea!

Now for sale in China!  Wayhay!  

Chinese people. Please buy a copy.


Squeakopotamus. Is he a hippo that looks like a mouse or is he a mouse as big as a house?

And The US

The wind will blow. Where will Doctor Grundy's undies end up?

50 Questions for Canada. 

Ok. A book about ear hair! What can Mister Spears do about that?

A good old Kiwi Cinderella story

A really great sticky story by Yvonne.

It deserves to be back in print.

Icky flies. Where do they go in the winter?

Poor old Albert. Hey wait a minute! He's just had kittens!

Seagull Sid and his mates scare away the annoying humans. Beware, bird poop involved!

Of course. Here's a book about the Queen farting!

Lots of work in this one for Canada. So good good they named it twice.

Woolly Wally. He's cool. But is he as cool as he thinks?

Lots of good jokes in this one.

A great book about numbers. The script was the winner of the Joy Cowley award that year. Well done Julie. This is the Maori version.

The sequel

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