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Howdy. This is me. Yep. I can verify that. It's me all right. I'm an illustrator as you already know having got this far. I live in New Zealand. I have lived and worked for too many years in advertising agencies around the world ( Yes it did feel like I lived in them sometimes. ) London, Sydney, Hong Kong and here at the bottom of the world.

I have illustrated heaps of children's books and won a few awards. A lot of my books are about bums/butts and farts.

You can see them on my books page. These books are especially valuable in motivating reluctant readers. Especially boys aged between 5-7 years old. Because of the lack of male teachers in primary/elementary schools plus other influences a lot of boys grow up regarding reading as a feminine activity. Books with these types of subject matter give these boys the social permission to pick them up, read and laugh with their friends.



The first book I illustrated was Why Do Dogs Sniff  Bottoms?... Happily this went on to win the children's choice award at The New Zealand Post Book Awards. This started my career off with a rush of similar books with scatological themes...( don't knock it, boys love them.. and aren't we all trying to get boys to read? )  I have since illustrated over 20 books...some even with themes that don't make teachers blush.



  • New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards 2003 Picture Book shortlist for Why Do Dogs Sniff Bottoms?

  • New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards 2003 Children’s Choice Winner for Why Do Dogs Sniff Bottoms? 

  • Storylines Notable Books List 2003 Picture Book list for Why Do Dogs Sniff Bottoms?

  • Storylines Notable Books List 2005 Picture Book list for The Biggest Number in the Universe.

  • Storylines Notable Books List 2007 Non-fiction list for It's True! You Can Make Your Own Jokes.

  • Silver Birch Award nomination, Ontario Library Association. 50 Poisonous Questions​

  • 2011 Information Book Award 
  • 50 Burning Questions  

  •   Best Books for Kid's Teens 2011, Canadian Children’s Book Centre

  • 50 Burning Questions

  •  Science in Society Book Award finalist 

  • 50 Burning Questions

  • Children’s Literature Roundtables of Canada Information Book Award Winner 2011 

  • 50 Burning Questions  

  • 2011 Canadian Science Writer's Association, Science in Society Book Award. 50 Poisonous Questions


  • Why Do Dogs Sniff Bottoms? text by Dawn McMillan and Bert Signal (Reed 2002).

  • One Chocolate Fish: A New Zealand Counting Book text by SW Norrie (Reed 2002).

  • Albert text by William Taylor [Kiwi Bites] (Puffin 2003).

  • The Biggest Number in the Universe text by Julie Leibrich (Scholastic 2004).

  • Doggy Doo on my Shoe text by Dawn McMillan (Reed 2004).

  • Getting Board? text by David Hill [Kiwi Bites] (Puffin 2004).

  • Where Do Flies Go in Winter? text by Dawn McMillan (Puffin 2005).

  • Gladys the Goat text by William Taylor [Kiwi Bites] (Puffin 2005).

  • The Really Sticky Grubby Lolly text by Yvonne Dudman (Reed 2005).

  • I Know about Babies text by Rochelle Neale (Mallinson Rendel 2005).

  • Albert the Cat text by William Taylor (Puffin 2005).

  • Seagull Sid and the Naughty Things Seagulls Did! by Dawn McMillan (Reed) 2005

  • It's True! You Can Make Your Own Jokes text by Sharon Holt (Allen & Unwin 2006).

  • Woolly Wally text by Dawn McMillan (Reed 2006).

  • Nesta and the Missing Zero by Julie Leibrich (Scholastic 2006).

  • Cindy and the Lost Jandal text by Chris Gurney (Scholastic 2009).

  • Kiwi Dads text by Yvonne Morrison (Scholastic 2009).

  • Big Bouncer text by Dawn McMillan (Puffin 2009).

  • Kiwi Mums text by Yvonne Morrison (Scholastic 2010).

  • 50 Burning Questions text by Tanya Lloyd Kyi ( Annick Press 2010 )

  • 50 Poisonous Questions text by Tanya Lloyd Kyi ( Annick Press 2010 )

  • 50 Underwear Questions text by Tanya Lloyd Kyi ( Annick Press 2011 )

  • 50 Climate Questions text by Peter Christie ( Annick Press 2011 )

  • I Need a New Bum  text by Dawn McMillan ( Oratia Media 2012 )

  • It's a Feudal, Feudal World. text by Stephen Shapiro ( Annick Press 2013 )

  • 50 Body Questions . text by Tanya Lloyd Kyi ( Annick Press 2013 )

  • I need a new bum ( butt in US ) text by Dawn McMillan ( Libro 2013 )

  • Doctor Grundy's Undies. text by Dawn McMillan. ( Libro 2014 )

  • Squeakopotomus. text by Dawn McMillan. (Oratia Press 2016 )

  • Charlie. text by Dawn Mcmillan . ( Oratia Press 2017 ) 

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